Plantar heel pain and other lower limb tendinopathies (2 day course) voeg toe aan favorieten


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Plantar heel pain and other lower limb tendinopathies (2 day course) voeg toe aan favorieten

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  • Lesdag 1 29 september 2022 Lesdag 2 30 september 2022 Inschrijven

Expert Henrik Riel PhD of the Aalborg University will teach this course in English.

Target audience

The course will be suitable for physiotherapists, podiatrists and other healthcare personnel who see patients with plantar heel pain and/or other lower-extremity musculoskeletal conditions or for those who have a special interest in resistance training and pain.


Day 1: The purpose of the training is to give an update on state of the art within plantar heel pain management and to give participants even more tools to aid them treating patients in the clinic.

Day 2: The purpose of the training this day is to give participants an overview of evidence-based resistance training approaches to help treat common lower-extremity musculoskeletal conditions, ideas of how to optimise progression from early rehab to full return to sport, and how we as clinicians may find inspiration from performance optimisation in athletes in our daily work with patients.


Plantar heel pain is a highly prevalent condition in both non-athletic and athletic populations. Despite its prevalence, little is known about the pathology, risk factors, prognosis, and the best possible treatment. During Day 1, the programme will take you through all the steps from diagnosing to treating the condition.

Resistance training has been recognised for its rehabilitative effects among individuals suffering from musculoskeletal conditions for several years, however, the optimal mode and dosage is still debatable. On Day 2, you will become more familiar with the different potential resistance training approaches and how to optimise these to best suit the needs of your patient.

On both days, teaching will be a mixture of presentations, practical assignments, and case-based group work. The learning objectives are:

Day 1
•    Be able to differentiate plantar heel pain and plantar fasciopathy from other common types of foot pain
•    Improve your confidence in deciding on which of the many different treatments you should prescribe based on the latest evidence available
•    Have an up-to-date knowledge about the risk factors, deficits, and prognostic factors that you can you use to tailor treatment to your patient
•    Have knowledge about stepwise approaches to treat the condition when first-line treatment fails

Day 2
•    Have knowledge about the physiological effects of resistance exercise
•    Gain insight into the differences between loading programs for various lower-limb musculoskeletal conditions
•    Be able to use methods from strength and conditioning in the work with patients
•    Be able to determine the desired repetition maximum
•    Become confident dealing with patients’ pain during exercise
•    Have tools and ideas on how you may be able to progress your rehabilitation from early rehab to full return to sport
•    Become acquainted with how to improve exercise compliance


This course consists of 2 consecutive days, from 9.00 till 17.00 o'clock.
A delicious lunch is provided. Please notify us of any dietary wishes upon registration.

Teaching methods

Upon registration you will receive the course material digitally in PDF.
The teachers will use the following teaching methods:

  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Practical assignments
  • Problem based learning

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